Fiberglass and Polyethylene Containment Inspections

  • We inspect both fiberglass and polyethylene tanks
  • All our certified fiberglass tank inspections are conducted in accordance with the Fiberglass Tank & Pipe Institutes recommended practices FTPI 2007-1 with ASTMs C582, D2563, D2583 and a few others
  • Fiberglass tanks containing hazardous materials are required to be inspected every 5 years
  • Tanks with more than 10,000 gallon capacity are required to have an inspection every 10 years
  • A FTPI 2007-1 certified inspector will carry out external and internal inspections with the objectives to:
    • Ensure compliance with the environmental and safety requirements
    • Minimize system failures
    • Ensure that proper engineering, construction and maintenance practices are in place
    • Minimize maintenance costs
  • As a result, after each inspection our clients receive a certified report including recommendations regarding the next steps

Repairs and Relining

  • Repairs
    • In the event your fiberglass containment is damaged our expert field crews can carry out repair services right onsite
    • From small cracks, to broken nozzles all the way to severed tanks, we get your containments back fully functional with minimal downtime required
    • Aero-Tec’s field crews are OSHA and confined space trained and certified
  • Relining
    • Corrosive products, even in the mild concentrations, eventually affect interior corrosion liners of each fiberglass containment
    • If not properly and frequently checked and maintained, these containments will consequently fracture and fail
    • Tank failures can be prevented by applying new FRP linings and wax coats
    • By utilizing the manufacturer approved glass media and veil systems along with application specific polymer matrixes, new linings can extend multifold the life expectancy of your containment
    • Our experienced field crews can fabricate a new corrosion barrier to your aged tank onsite, adding years of service life to them

Assemblies, Modifications and Accessorizing

  • Assemblies
    • Aero-Tec partners with leading tank manufacturers in onsite tank assembly
    • Starting from a small 1,000 gallon tank all the way to a 37,000 gallon scrubber, we can help you get your fiberglass containment assembled and into production within the shortest time possible
    • Our close cooperation with the tank manufacturers’ engineering staff assurers you that we use the right processes and highest quality standards
  • Modifications and Accessorizing
    • By adding or changing flanges, manways, ladders or platforms, we can help you customize and improve your existing storage containments
    • Each individual customization is customer and fiberglass parts specific
    • Our field service crews are always using original manufacturer approved raw materials and accessories